Saturday, November 3, 2012

the lord i will obey...

Wow! Two in one day! Has that ever happened?

I feel kinda bad because I have been sooo busy.

I've realized I haven't been blogging much on weekdays...

But I work after school, come home, eat dinner, practice piano for an hour or two... (yes, that long. Piano is definitely contributing to my stress level at the moment... ha.) Then I do my homework for a couple/few more hours and then I shower and go to bed.

Or I read in bed.

Either way, same thing every day. And I have been getting six hours of sleep/night which so is not enough.

So blogging has been put off until weekends. It just takes me too long and requires me to think too much.

haha. I am definitely getting enough mental exercise with chemistry and piano - which are both a bit demanding at the moment.

And it doesn't help that I am easily distracted so things tend to drag out longer than they need to. ha.

Anyways. I owed two posts today. Definitely.

So the song I am sharing today has played on soft sunday sounds quite a bit lately...

And at first I liked it but didn't... let me explain.

The song is about Abraham and Isaac, and it really is a beautiful song.

It talks about how Abraham will obey the Lord when he is asked to sacrifice his only son.

As you and I know, Abraham did not sacrifice his son. An angel stopped him before he could. It was a test of his (and Isaac's!) faith.

Anyways. In this song, it doesn't tell the ending. It doesn't talk about Abraham being stopped.

It just kinda... ends.

And the first time I heard it, I was all what???? He didn't die!! 

But now I love it. So so much.

This song isn't about God stopping Abraham. It is about Abraham and how he was determined to obey the Lord no matter what was asked of him.

And I think it is the coolest song ever.

Anyways. without further adieu...

Holy is the Lord by Andrew Peterson, who is a non-LDS Christian singer with some awesome songs...

(Oh and I didn't put a video because I wanted you to read the lyrics, but I am kinda liking this video if you want to watch it. And it concludes the song a little more, too.)

Holy Is the Lord by Andrew Peterson on Grooveshark

Wake up little Isaac 
And rub your tired eyes 
Go and kiss your mama 
We’ll be gone a little while 
Come and walk beside me 
Come and hold your papa’s hand 
I go to make an altar 
And to offer up my lamb 

I waited on the Lord 
And in a waking dream He came 
Riding on a wind across the sand 
He spoke my name 
“Here I am”, I whispered 
And I waited in the dark 
The answer was a sword 
That came down hard upon my heart 

Holy is the Lord 
Holy is the Lord 
And the Lord I will obey 
Lord, help me I don’t know the way 

So take me to the mountain 
I will follow where You lead 
There I’ll lay the body 
Of the boy You gave to me 
And even though You take him 
Still I ever will obey 
But Maker of this mountain, please 
Make another way 

Holy is the Lord 
Holy is the Lord 
And the Lord I will obey 
Holy is the Lord 
Holy is the Lord 
And the Lord I will obey 
Lord, help me I don’t know the way

I wonder sometimes how obedient I would be if asked to do something super crazy and life-changing. 

I probably will be, someday.

I think back on the pioneers and how they left everything to follow the prophet. Lives were lost and people suffered more than you or I could ever imagine. 

I wonder if I could have done what they did. I honestly don't know. That's a lot to sacrifice.

I think someday the saints will be asked to leave everything and go to meet the Savior. I don't know if it will be in my lifetime or if it won't, but I want to make sure I am in the habit of being obedient. 

I think that when that day comes, you will be able to see who would truly sacrifice everything for the One who created the world. Where people's priorities lie. 

So I will obey. 

I will live the gospel every day of my life. 

I want the Lord to know that I am on his side. 

That I am loyal to him. 

"The crowning characteristic of love is always loyalty." 

Elder Holland said that in our last General Conference.

I love the Lord, and I want him to know it. 

There is this really old Mormonad that explains that living the gospel is like brushing your teeth. You can't just pile on the toothpaste and brush one day and expect to be good for a week.

Church is a Sunday activity. Your religion - the gospel of Jesus Christ - should be a way of life. 

"Holy is the Lord, Holy is the Lord... And the Lord I will obey."

Always. No matter what.

P.S. Listen to this song too (by the same guy). It ends with the same phrase as the song you just listened to, which I think is kinda cool.

P.P.S. I am feeling really good right now. Y'all should start your own blogs like this. It makes you feel good and fills you up with the Spirit whenever you sit down to blog.

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