Monday, January 16, 2012

Trials (Part II)

I did a post a while back on trials... you can find it here. It includes an awesome video that I really love.
      I mentioned before that I usually find things that would've gone perfectly with my posts after I already posted them... (really annoying) :) Since then, I've discovered this song about trials that I can totally relate to... it's beautiful and touches me every time I listen to it.

      I know that this is a very short post... mostly because I've already done a post on trials... I just had to share.
     My favorite part is at the end, when everyone holds up their signs. It reminds me to always give people the benefit of the doubt. Most of those people didn't look scarred on the outside. Because we humans are often very judgmental, we get annoyed when someone doesn't act the way we think we should.
Maybe someone being cranky and snappy. Maybe they are just being boring. Maybe we are bugged because our neighbor doesn't care enough to take care of his lawn. Maybe you see someone at the store who is very poorly dressed.
We sometimes jump to conclusions and think that we know everything about someone just from what we see on the outside. Don't forget that you never know what someone is going through.

EVERYONE goes through hard things. Some people go through very hard things. Don't judge them until you get to know their story.

"I used to pray He'd take it all away, but instead it became a beautiful heartbreak."

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